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Some idiot who makes long rants about peeing in places other than toilets cause they are stuck in some pointless cultural taboo.

They are the idiots who get all mad if someone pees in the pool, yet those idiots dont seem so bothered by the fact your swimming in all kinds of peoples filth anyways, which is much dirtier. Like they expect someone to get out of the pool and piss just so they dont get all freaked out.

They are the same people who rant about what people do in their own bathtub or shower. If they arent comfortable peeing in there, thats there business, but they feel the need to tell people to stop their relaxation just to pee out whats mostly water in the first place all in the name of good etiquette
Uriphobe: EEW you pee in the shower?

Regular person: Yeah, why am I going to get out of the cold shower just to pee whats going down the drain anyways.
Uriphobe: Because Peeing in the shower is socially unacceptable.

Regular person: You are just some right wing loser. MYOB.
by Allie42523 May 24, 2010
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