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British Hard Rock band, 1970-present. Uriah Heep's trademark combination of David Byron's theatrical lead vocals, Ken Hensley's fantasy-oriented lyrics and swirling Hammond organ, Mick Box's wah-wah guitar, Gary Thain and Lee Kerslake's powerhouse rhythm section, and five-part harmony backing vocals brought their "classic" lineup considerable success in the early 1970s; although never a superstar-level band in the US, they retain a significant following to this day worldwide, especially in Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, and Japan. The current (1985-present) lineup (Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Trevor Bolder, Bernie Shaw and Phil Lanzon) maintain an active touring schedule, and released several albums during the 1990s, the most recent being 1998's "Sonic Origami"; a new studio effort has been promised for some time.
Essential Albums: Salisbury (1971), Look At Yourself (1971), Demons And Wizards (1972), The Magician's Birthday (1972), Sweet Freedom (1973), Firefly (1977), Sea Of Light (1995), Sonic Origami (1998), Acoustically Driven (2000)
by Firefly February 24, 2005
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Uriah Heep was an organ driven band of the seventies who gave us great songs like Gypsy, Rain, And the epic Magicians Birthday. They were Originally fronted by one of the greatest frontmen ever David Byron.
Very Humble Very Heavy
by The December 16, 2004
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