A middle 20's to middle 30's aged person that employs the urban city living experience with an impeccable and eclectic combination of labels such as classy, elegant, hip, and trendsetting, all surrounded by humbleness. What sets them apart are their tastes and craving of knowledge of the social-scene and its fashion, music, etiquette, and epicurean palettes. These people are "in the know" and they are known well by their open inner circles. Their outlook is positive in life. Most followers and friends are attracted to their presence, but a few are the cause of unintentional envy.
You know them when you see them... the definition of Urban Sophisticate speaks for itself.
by aj_hasan September 28, 2009
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A sophisticated person that employs the urban experience with impeccable taste worthy of the highest class. This person exudes style and culture and effortlessly demonstrates this ability through quintessential forms of expression. Although some may envy them, most are generally attracted to their presence as they have no time to harness jealously, envy, or misgivings towards others. Their outlook is positive and therefore they tend to garner respect and gain success.
No example needed. Others know who they are. The title of Urban Sophisticate is earned and given, never claimed.
by my__pseudonym April 23, 2009
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describes a ghetto person who creates a word in order to sound more worldly or educated.
"the crocodile hunter was friendly as well as informational"-Katt Williams

the word "informational" in this phrase is an example of urban sophistication
by Joey Lamb January 1, 2008
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When a person of low intelligence attempts to use a large or impressive word but the word they use is not in existence. These can usually be heard on reality shows featuring low class individuals that most likely attended public school.
"The chef was yelling at me and I got flustrated." -Hells Kitchen Contestant

Flustrated is a combination of flustered and frustrated. This is an example of urban sophistication

"These dresses are horocious" -Bridezillas

Horocious is a combination of horrific and atrocious. Another example of urban sophistication
by Joey Lamb March 5, 2015
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