Young kids who like to hang out at the mall. Most likey jerking. Wears skinny jeans in obnoxious bright colors, flannel shirts, thick rimmed glasses, and flat billed hats. Can be really annoying and hostile towards people who are not their friends. Loves the color purple.
That urban kids look like their pants were colored with a highlighter.
by Ant Hill September 04, 2009
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Cringy white pothead normies in middle school who wear hoodies, say stuff like chill, fax, THOT BEGONE, oof, snack, bruh, squad, gucci, fam and act/talk like 2014 nibbas. usually worship hell-tier rappers like lil pump and cannot have an IQ fit to comprehend originality, roaming the suburbs of american shitholes this present day.
F.U.C.K. them faux urban cracker kids trying to cancerize my twitter feed with their oversaturation of me_irl, roblox and caillou memery
by PorcupineCanadian January 07, 2019
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