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Assfuck a bitch doggy style. Cum in her ass. Pull your dick out, wipe the gooey remains off your dick with your hand and, in a circular motion, smear the remains on the lower back of the bitch.

(For a "Sprinkled Urban Donut" complete above, then hover your ass over the circular smear and sprinkle your dingleberries on it.)
"You know that bitch Tanya that stole my VCR last week, and then denied it saying it must've been the wind? Well, at the party last night, she got wasted, wanted this dick, and I so gave her an urban donut."

"That's it? Dude, you loved that VCR. I gave her a sprinkled urban donut last week, and she hasn't stolen shit from me."

"For real?"

"Yeah, dude."

"Damn man... Tanya's a dirty slut. I need to go get tested."

"Me too."
by Gestahl June 27, 2013
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