the title for people that were banned for saying sex related things. they are urban dicks.
friend: i saw an ur-BAN dicktionary earlier today
me: wow, what did he say?
friend: a city is a type of sex when you do vore and throw a fetus
by [{(KAT)}] October 27, 2020
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A term for the words on Urban Dictionary that are profane or inappropriate, and are incredibly irrelevant.
1: So then we did a Urethra Franklin.
2: What's that?
1: Look it up on Urban Dicktionary.

3: He got Goblin Punched
4: That sound like a word from Urban Dicktionary
by anonymousjulianstudent69 May 15, 2011
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Someone who posts things on urban dictionary targeted at specific people, and is a dick in general.
he posts so much stuff on urban DICKtionary.
by saskenarutosakuraLOVE October 23, 2019
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