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When you run up next to a fat person and push them over, then run.
Cory and I are going urban cow tipping around the college
by downhomedixie August 29, 2011
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Can also be performed in suburbs. When one or more irresponsible teenager goes around the streets at night flipping over smart cars. This can also be done with a Prius or a Yaris, but these models are generally heavier, requiring a larger group which could compromise the mission. Urban cow tipping is also usually done under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, or both.
Irresponsible teen 1: "Hey dude, lets go urban cow tipping tonight!"
Irresponsible teen 2: "Do you have a bottle?"
Irresponsible teen 1: "Yeah."
Irresponsible teen 2: "Shit, let's fuckin do it."
by m4r1ju4n4m4n January 02, 2011
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When you push over bike riders that think they own the road. Could be bike clubs in the suburbs or messengers in the city.
When that bike club refused to share the road, I gunned the engine, reached out the window and did some urban cow tipping.
by hotwasabiwife September 13, 2009
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