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Virginia Beach, VA artist Dragon Randy Holder, the author of “Ink In The Hood” Tattoos for darker skin worked on developing an URBAN TATTOO ART form and style and it is a dramatic change in tattoo art style concepts, it is the introduction of an new urban cultural art, a bold art style discovered during a four year in-depth study. During the study I used as a combination of creative guiding concepts for the process for the urban tattoo art design and application. Guided by my understanding of the Da Vinci methodology of art and science and a desire to understand the hidden aspects dark skin tattooing while approaching the tattoo art designs using a the concept of Art Synectics.

I sought to develop a variety of tools and techniques to help me visually express artistically the ideas, feeling and values of individuals with dark skin in the form of tattooing. Driven by my passion for art and always seeking to be more skilful I was inspired into an exploration of an immerging Urban tattooing art movemeny as a recent entry into the American tattoo art movement, "the African/ Black American tattoo consumer."

My development of the Urban Tattoo Art is a deliberate pictographically focus on specific cultural themes, such as religion, family, music, artistic style, and new art movement, Art which speaks of the African/ Black American as a cultural social-political-spiritual movement with a understanding of the motivations and a deliberate position of the tattoo art as a form of body art which shows a cultural afflation within the community as a means of permanently marking an aspect of their culture and way of life in a pictographic self expression Urban art style in the form of body art in the flesh.

Urban Tattoo Art is notable evolution of the America’s social anthropology of the African/ Black American community, a transforming and empowering through trend setting designs, a new Urban art movement with deep Cultural influences which has immersed itself in the community and is now part of their social transcending through an community art movement Urban Tattoo Art.
This new bold Urban Art Tattoo style uses the shades of dark skin as a cornerstone of the art design process, seeking to reveal the divine nature of the skin tones and tints and hues, creating a framework for discovering the hidden artistic beauty, not one artistic approach but the cohesive combinations of many styles and cultural influences into a new one flowing from the skin in lines, and highlights and shadows and beautiful color all merging into an pictographic art-form Urban Tattoo Art.
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