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A highly evolved monkey with the ability to walk upright, use opposable thumbs, navigate city blocks, use a camera, and carry an iPhone.
"Who's that taking photos of the Sears Tower and grunting and pounding his chest? He's going to drop his dSLR."
"Oh, that's an urban ape."
by ceebo January 30, 2009
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{ /UR bahn Aype/} (noun.)
Another derogitory term for a younger black person, or negro born in North America. These people usually have shiny grills and wear lots of shiny jewlry, ice or bling. Also they have a tendancy to roam in large numbers to better the chance of not getting arrested. They do so by splitting up and running in different directions when law enforcement approaches. Urban Apes may also carry firearms.
Hey Jamall look at those urban apes robbing that pregnant woman.

Today I was walking down the street to my baby momma's house and there was all these urban apes around.

Damn I almost didnt see that urban ape with all his cammo on.
by YAD June 12, 2006
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