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When after reading the latest definition added to Urban Dictionary, the act of then looking at the amount of 'ups' and 'downs' the latest definition has gained to see if it will be acceptable to tell your friends or use it in another verbal situation.

If a definition has more 'ups' it is accepted into the Urban Dictionary community, therefore gained 'Urban Acceptance'.
sheenfluence 1274 up, 1893 down

Under the influence or having been influenced by Charlie Sheen.
His comment may have just a little sheenfluence in there somewhere.

Person 1: hey look at this latest urban dictionary definition!

Person 2: aw man that sucks, and look how many downs it got, that guy must be stupid to think of that.

Person 1: true, I guess that definition didn't gain urban acceptance *downs*
by Locamobo April 14, 2011
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