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Urban Academy is a school created in 1823 by Abe Lincoln and Gandalf, the two decided to team up and open a school. They decided to magically merge into one person, a guise they affectionately called Herb. Urban is famous for having no regents tests and letting it's students pick classes. It also has a rule that forbids people from personally attacking each other, a policy that approximately 3% of the school gives two shits about. The school likes to pretend it has an anti-drug policy but anyone with half a brain knows it's bullshit because about half the school is high at any given time. Examples of classes: The Russian Revolution, Psychoanalyzing Sponge Bob and How to Roll a Blunt. The thing that keeps the kids in check is Herb's Magical Eye Laser attack it does -5 charisma and over 9000 damage, the military is currently trying to create prototypes of Herb's eyes to be mounted on predator drones in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. The D.O.E breed a vast army of elite Uraki and sent them to destroy the academy and take over all of New York, Herb was undaunted, he started up his Gundam with Laser axe, Anti-Aircraft Railgun and phase armor, with catchy Jap-pop music playing in the background. Standing on the J-rec stairs he repelled the D.O.E's forces for three hours. After slicing the head off of the last Uraki, Herb screamed at the top of his lungs (not very loud) Get the fuck outta my school! After the great battle of J-rec the D.O.E never fucked with Urban again.
"I'm 32 why am I in high school?" "Lol Urban Academy"
by Queens Rage January 27, 2011
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An "alternative" high school on the upper east side of new york city. Noteworthy for allowing its students to choose their own classes, not take regents, only about 120 students, and having the female portion of those students that is approximately 50% pregnant, 25% horrendously ugly, and 25% ambiguously pregnant or maybe just fat.

Because of the total lack of hot girls, and a high population of total herbs (The principal/benevolent despots name is Herb Mac, and hes quite a nice fellow) the school can be an odd place socially. Most people here would be avoided like plague victims at other schools, so putting them all together really just compounds their obnoxiousness, because their isint anyone to shut them up.
Is that girl pregnant? Nah Man, she just goes to Urban Academy.
by psyduck55 January 29, 2011
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