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This is the almighty insult you should NEVER use upon an oponent unless absolutely necessary. The last time this insult wad used, it was used by Alexander Graham Bell in a prank call. As a result of this, the fabric of space itself was torn into shreds, resulting in evolution reversing into what we are today. Using this defense mechanism will end the opponents career and send he/she into a deep depression. Dont expect to live to see the next day as an antidote recently discovered by acting legend, Bill Nye The Science Guy. The phrase "no u" resulted in the defender dying because blood stopped flowing into his brain from chocking literally on Bill's entire ass cheek.

Use with caution
*points at teacher "Ur mum gey lol"
*teacher rips off clothes and sets into his battle stance. He slowly develops a raging blue ball of ki in between his two hands and screams "NO U" as he releases his deadly blast. The entire school is devoured by a quantum flux*
by Leyef July 30, 2018
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