Character in the hit anime “Adventure of Memes”. First appeared in season 2018 but expected to be killed off in season 2019 by the meme lord “PewDiePie” with his ultimate power of 👏👏. He is often portrayed as ruthless and unforgivable unless his ultimate rival “No u” is nearby.
He and “No u” have had to the biggest rivalry in the anime since Ricegum and Jake Paul, both of whom died in the earlier episodes of the season. They both are equally powerful.
Person 1: “Ur Mom Gay”
Person 2: “No u
by Heckin’HeckHeckers June 29, 2018
an insult to a person that is being a large peepee and deserves to feel dead inside.
by T-Positive August 28, 2018
you don't know how to comback with a sick roast? use this career destroying saying, it is also the worst thing you could say at a funeral or a family dinner.
person 1: my mom just died, i'm so sad!
person 2: ur mom gay
"person one dies"

sister: can you pass me the ketchup?
me: no
sister: fuck you
me: your mom gay
by ur parents gay November 10, 2021
It's when a kid (9 to 14 years old) gets mad, they will use it as a last resort.

You can say no u as a comeback or you can say ur dad lesbian.
by UrbanKiwi March 26, 2018
hah what did you say to me?! UR MOM GAY!!!!!!
by mmmm yes December 20, 2017
It is the most powerful and devastating roast. By saying this, the person being roasted will cry and get crippling depression.
“Hey Lukas! Eat a dick!”
Jim, ur mom gay”
by The Real NerdMysteria April 1, 2018
the most fucking retarded insult ever, example

james: you are crap at this game
bobby: better than you
james: ur mom gay
yo man BTW ur mom gay
by gay dictionarys January 24, 2019