What a toxic twelve year old gamer says as an excuse for an insult
Toxic gamer: UR MOM GAY
Me: Yeah so what
Toxic gamer: Oh...
by WEEBLIT September 11, 2019
an insult to say to someone. another way of saying this is,"your mom BIG gay"
if someone says ur mom gay to you say, "no u"
"oh by the way, ur mom gay"
by thedictionarian101 March 14, 2018
The most deadly, harsh and shameful insult in the entire existence of the human race.
Billy- "Your an asshole!"
Tom- "Ur mom gay lol"
Billy- *dies*
by cato_boi March 19, 2018
A very toxic and dangerous disease, ur mom gay is a wide-spread contagion that is taking over the world. Some symptoms of this disease can include: causing others to cringe around you, be extremely rude and, as doctors call it, "triggered" for very long amounts of time, and overall sadness and loneliness. If you know anyone who has ur mom gay, do NOT allow them to speak to you. One simple sentence including the words "ur mom gay" can instantly spread the disease.
Guy (Infected) - LOL lmao ur mom gay heheheee
Guy 2 - Oh nooooooo!

by fyrey July 12, 2018
a roast people use when they are too un-original and lazy to think of a better one, commonly used by those who are special.
person: you are dumb
you: ur mom gay
person: no u
best roast in history followed by a series of other roasts
Janet: ur mom gay
Bob: ur dad lesbian
Janet: ur sister a mister
Bob: ur brother ur mother
Janet: ur granny tranny
Bob: ur grandpap a trap
Janet: ur family tree lgbt
Bob: ur ancestors incestors
by din momma gay April 15, 2018