The ultimate phrase that can destroy someone for life, and even tear a hole in the fabric of the space time continuem.
Person 1: ur mom gay

Person 2: *dies internaly*
by RandomStuffs_YT June 2, 2019
an insult that will ruin ur yt channel if ur a minecraft lets player the only way to get back at them is no u
person 1 ur mom gay
person 2 no u
person 1s minecraft yt channel is now dead
by MinecraftBilly69 June 3, 2018
This word is mostly used to insult someone but you can destroy the person who says it with ' no u '

but anyways ur dad lesbian,ho
You,a stupid bread stick : ' Hah ur mom gay asf '
Me,an intellectual being : ' no u '
The first level of ur mom gay insults.

ur mom gay
ur dad lesbian
ur sisters a mister
ur brothers actually ur mother
ur granny tranny
ur granpap a trap
ur crematorium a sematorium
ur ancestors incestors
ur family tree LGBT
george: ur mom gay
joe: ur dad lesbian
and so on and so forth lmao i aint gonna write that all over again.
by stopit_getsomehelp May 8, 2018
ur mom gay: A term originating all the way back to the prehistoric times. It’s an ancient relic that translates to “I don’t like you”. This phrase takes your dislike for someone to the next level.
Alfredo: Your hair looks dumb, kid.
Me: Hey Alfredo, ur mom gay.
by Jeremiah Wildson February 4, 2018
ur mom gay
jake: you suck at m i n e c r a f t
jack: no u
jake: ur mom gay
jack: *ruptures brain and fucking dies*
by iiJason124 July 15, 2018