A meme that is actually older than everyone thinks it is. Originally spawned from the YouTuber Pyrocynical, who received a tweet from BamanBoi in mid 2016 that read, "you're mum gay".
Pyro: @BamanBoi - ur mom gay

(Pyro chuckles softly and then erupts into heavy laughter)
by semem knad March 27, 2018
Bob:ur mom gay lol
Carl:(goes to Afghan and gets raped by 12 black men then his face melts off only to be slurped up by a homosexual giraffe that got kicked out of the zoo for being gay. Carl walks into Russia only to be put in a Russian version of aucwits is burned alive. Then to be slurped up by the same gay giraffe and the same 12 black men that raped him)
by Minecraftpussyslayer69 April 2, 2018
Ur mom gay
Please don't use this on someone they can die!!1!!1!!!11
Ur mom gay
Please dont use this on someone

Billy : Ur mom gay

You : Ur dad lesbian

*Billy Dies*

*Billys brother is mocking your family*

You : Ur family transgender

*He gets burned and becomes ashes*

*Billys father is mocking your country*

You : Ur country bisexual

*WW3 starts*
You: WW3 is WW друг
*every one dies*

Please dont use this if you dont want WW3 to happen.
#ur mom gay
by Big goth tiddies May 28, 2018
The comeback from a kid that plays roblox, commonly used by 7-12 year olds
by JameEarl March 27, 2018
The worst thing a human being can ever say. Created by Hitler in 500 B.C. It only has one known weakness "no u"
Bob: Ur trash at fortnite I hate you
Carl: oh ya ur mom gay
Bob: no u

Carl: *comets sewer code*
by Lonzo Balls April 23, 2018
The baddest bitchiest song in the world. It is so bad it is the national anthem of bad bitchika. Play it. You wont regret it.
"Walking down then they say ur mom is gay...mom...gay??"

The best song by the gooch men. Ur mom gay.
by Badbitchmegan April 23, 2019
Ur mom gay is a term that is used when someone is feeling very evil to call someone’s mom homosexual
Guy “I don’t like ur sketchers
Guy2 “ur mom gay
by PoTubbie April 16, 2018