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Possibly the worst insult thinkable. It is worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, ur sister a mister, ur brother a mother, ur grandpap a trap, and ur family tree LGBT combined and to the 219th power.
Bill: “ur mom gay.”
John: “no u, ur dad lesbian.”
Bill: “well, ur granny tranny.”
John: “no, ur sister a mister.”
Bill: “then ur brother a mother.”
John: “ur grandpap a trap.”
Bill: “ur family tree LGBT.”
*Both in tears now*
Bill: “what have you done?!”
*Bill and anyone related to Bill explode, the sun starts moving a billion miles per hour around the earth, the entire solar system stops working, the galaxy loses all its stars and lights, and even the black hole in the center dissappears, and finally, the entire universe implodes*
by UrBabyMaybe May 16, 2018
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