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The fucking trump daddy comeback of all comebacks. Combining the Ur category with the fact that anyone’s race, does in fact, contain gays, immediatley links the gayness to the person. It is invinible to the comeback “No U.” While it is a suicidal one, it is the worst possible comeback, regardless of what anyone else says.
Timmy: Hey Billy, ur mom gay.
Billy: No U.
Timmy: Ur Family Tree LGBT.
Billy: Hey Timmy?
Timmy: Yes?
Billy: Ur race has gays.
It is like every atom in his body feels like it has exploded with nuclear force, and his Brain feels every bit of it. Timmy is immediatley erased from existence as his mortal body cannot handle the very existence of the comeback. Billy is also erased from existence, as the comeback inevitably affects him and hits him with full force. But it was all worth it. As Billy won the argument.
by CharFil May 24, 2018
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