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A word worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian ur brother a mother, your sister a mister ur granny a tranny ur granpap a trap or even the legendary Ur ancestors incestors This word can crumple the fabric of the universe, and shatter the soul of any mortal it is used on into a million pieces, which will then be eaten by Bill Cosby in an ASMR fashion. Be careful while using this insult, because even the famous no u infinity can't defend against this almighty power.
Tiago: Ur mom gae

Liam: Ur dad lesbian
Tiago: Ur brother a mother
Liam: Ur sister a mister
Tiago: Ur granpap a trap
Liam: Ur granny a granny
Tiago: Ur ancestors incestors
Liam: Ur DNA very gay

Tiago: *all of his arteries explode leaving just a shell of his former body, taken by the government and hidden, so that the population would never see this . His soul is shattered into a million pieces, and sent to Bill Cosbys prison cell, to be crunched on until the end of time. His DNA unravels and his cells melt, until nothing is left*
by No No No u October 03, 2019
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