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The act of being from Upper Greenwood Lake and having multiple tattoo's, regardless if you are a girl or a boy.

It is also common to have farm animals as family pets here. In fact, it's common to marry family pets here.

It's believed that the lack of oxygen Up The Mountain has gotten to the local residents' heads, which would explain the odd acting of this starnge area of the even stranger West Milford.
UGL (AKA Up The Mountain). Where the men are men, and the women have tattoo's.
by Odd8Out January 24, 2009
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what philly people (especially south philly people) call going to the mountains, i.e. the poconos.

it's similar to the expression 'goin down the shore'
"we're heading up the mountains this weekend to my friend's cabin"
by crhis May 12, 2008
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