Sometimes considered unwanted bullshit drama when it last long, a drama started for no reason or the reason is completely shit. Drama queen/kings are one example of people that start unwanted drama, but areas with alot of hip-hop (Southern California or area close to the mexican boarder and NY) have the highest percentage of unwanted drama knowing tons of europeans are coming there with a dislike of hiphop (RAP SUCKS) cops,schools,etc will twist and turn your activity into something bullshit and start drama. Sounds unwanted eh?
"Hey you like punkrock and black metal, i'll suspend you from school"
"Dude, your school love starting unwanted drama i hate San Diego."
Or when i was a kid my school starts Unwanted Drama and bullshit as if i and my mother is a toy to them because we hate rap. Stupid.
by Ryan Zampire August 20, 2008
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