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A mid-sized but little known university in Little Rock, Arkansas (the state's capital city). In contrast to the traditional college experience, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) has a large percentage of working adult students and numerous professors are familiar with the job market outside of academia. The university is the only metropolitan-based college within Arkansas (almost an oxymoron.. :D!!). Advantages of attending include a helpful staff, small class size, highly available internships, and great job placement following graduation. Disadvantages to attending include no Trojan (the mascot) football team for the university (still), strict smoking policies, no co-ed dorms, and less partying than a young person would expect in a college experience. Overall, a great school in a practical sense, but even with all it's student life does not offer the entertainment value of related schools.
John: Hey, where are you going to college?
George: University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
John: Why aren't you going to University of Arkansas at Fayetteville?
George: Well, Little Rock's finances don't depend on the Walton family to help bolster the hill-ridden diploma mill and second-rate athletics, staff are familiar with the responsibilities of their job, there are more (and larger) scholarships available, and following graduation I can actually have a job related to my degree instead of having a master's degree in computer science and being a salesperson working at Best Buy.
John: Word. Still, PIG SOUEE!!
George: *facepalms*
by Doc Ortho August 10, 2010
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