-Something worth dying for.

-Home of true "Freedom" "Liberty" and "Justice". Truly

-A great land who currently is in danger of corruption beyond imagination. Yet through valour, and strife may we restore her balance, and renew her glory.

-A place I proudly call home.
Let us come together and bring back what was once the GREAT United States of America!
by Patriotic@america December 22, 2005
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located in North America between Canada and Mexico, it used to be a great place, and it still is, sort of.

has a lot of problems stupid people in the government don't know how to fix because they are obsessed with power. the only place where more and more money is dumped into union schools and kids still get lower test scores(solution: charter schools, but union leaders are too fucked up in the head to realize what's right). a lot of people around the world now hate us, and they don't have a good reason to. america is the world's policeman. what power would have stopped Hitler from taking over the world, huh?

home to various races, and the government here is more racist than the people.

media is everything, and entertainment is one of our main focuses over being productive.

trashy people are everywhere, but there are a lot of good people too.

America: good and bad!
Am I proud to be an American? uh...yeah...ok

United States of America: home of the...most obese pop.?


The US is pretty much going down the drain.
by epitomeofawesome1 November 24, 2011
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Great country that is constantly bitched about by stupid europeans, despite the fact that we saved their sorry asses during WWII. Were it not for the USA, europe would be controlled by Nazis, asia by the USSR and oter communist regimes. Fuck all you stupid U.S haters. We shed blood for your sorry ass and this is how you thank us.
The United States of America continues to help other countries, despite all the bullshit we get from them
by usarules August 14, 2007
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A country that helps its neighbors, although some Canadians are douchbags and hate on the USA. Canada wouldn't have gotten far if it wasnt USA's neighbor, becuase if it was in Europe thier asses would have gotten Imperialized. The USA is the North America, many think of it as an imperializer, which may be true, but so are all the Europeans and you dont see anyone rubbing it on thier face. Above all we got the BEST COLLEGES IN THE WORLD, even though people call us stupid becuase of a President. Those who think that are dead wrong! In this country we have tons of intelligent people, hence why we are doing so well, also we got most Europe free from being taken over by Germany in WWII, if not I wouldn't want to know what would've happened to Britain or Russia if we didnt get thier in time. France admired us after we freed them, but all thats change after one President, I'm pretty sure saving them from being Germany is better reason to like us.
Bob: Many think the United States of America are stuck-up!

Billy: Well we have to defend ourselfs from ridiculous criticism
by Sonstitution September 15, 2009
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Greatest country on earth and land of opportunity with citizens who are not ignorant and just recognize how great their country is.
by Shayzee November 09, 2004
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America: the land mass between Canada and Mexico, full of a wide range of people, some are nice and polite to those around them, but others are facist, sexist, racist asses that can't think about anyone but themselves. Not all Americans are like that, in fact most of them are really nice people, and those who have posted trying to stand up for their country have a really good point, In the fact that they arent that only ignorant people in the worl, there are ignorant people in Canada, and Europe, and every other single place on the world. It doesn't make them good or bad, It makes them human. And every one should stop criticizing them for being, overweight, lazy, illiterate people who don't care about any one but themselves. Although America came into the wars a few years before they ended, American soldiers still risked there lives to protect their countries as well as others. You may argue with this, and this is only my opinion, but cut America some slack, they are only doing there best to survive as a country.

American government however is one of the most corrupt in the world, they do things for themselves, they don't send their armies in to help anyone else until they themselves have been damaged
Not all Americans are Streyotypical, just the ones that are are the ignorant people the rest of the world loves to hate.

American Government however is the steryeotypical Ignorant people everyone knows about.

I am not American. I am Canadian, and proud of it. But I am also proud to have the United States of America as a neighbouring country.
by Canadian Guy December 12, 2006
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Greatest country in the world!
If you're from here, then dont complain because you have no idea how bad other countries have it!
If you're not from here, then dont complain about us because you're probably some idiot that opens their mouth without thinking first and you probably have never been here!
Foreigner: The United States of America is full of ass holes that like to go to war!
American: Shut up! You've never been here! We have freedom!
by suckmycondom June 09, 2011
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