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As a Unionville Alumnist I feel comfortable in saying that you should all be paying more attention in English class. If you were truly free thinkers there wouldn't be so much trash talking on a web page for slang definitions. If you didn't deserve to be called whatever it is you have been called, you wouldn't be on here telling people to get a life. It is my opinion that none of you have even the faintest clue what lies ahead for you in the real world. The truth is, if you could look past the Unionville "Clicks", you would realize that now is the time to have fun and learn how to take care of each other. The world turns into a harsh place real quick for those who don't know how to take care of thier friends. Mommy and Daddy can't take care of you physically, socially, and FINANCIALLY forever...and if they do, I pity you. So instead of bashing the rich kids, or hiding the new kids backpack, or gossipping behind slutty girls back, why don't you all take a minute to think about how much better the quality of life would be for you if everyone got along...or at least tried to get along like adults.
My graduating class was hailed by the teachers as being the best group of students to pass through Unionville in 20 years, we were good to each other and our teachers and aside from a few bad apples, every day was at least pleasant. We still had our "clicks" but we knew how to transcend them, to see past our own selfishness and understand the meaning of the phrase "The Greater Good." Unionville is filled with beautiful people, the rest of your life will not be.
by Bobbo the Ham-Eating Marsupial January 06, 2005
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I had lived in Unionville my whole life until I recently moved to Florida. I would have considered myself to be a unionville girl, born and bred, just as the rest of my peers did. After moving I have realized a life outside of the money and ignorance. As much as I have enjoyed getting away from the sheltered life of philadelphia's suburbs I have missed my home so much. The gorgeous landscape of chester county, landhope and painters crossing, but mostly I miss the talent and individuality of Unionville. UHS is filled with mostly rich slutty whores but there are a couple good ones.You know what? You are just jealous of our luck with the men, our mad grades,and our field hockey skills. I still am 100% Unionville girl and we kick ass.
umm.. Kennett isn't ghetto neither is West Chester.
by Caroline February 26, 2005
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First of all as a Unionville girl I must say there are the few who have 40,000 dollar cars and wear unbelievably revealing clothing. However most of the Unionville girls are extremely smart scoring over 1200's on there SATs, the old SAT the new one doesn't count yet. Guaranteed there really is no bad looking Unionville girl but they are not all risqué in there clothing choices that is really only a small amount. Further more my name is Barbie and I definitely don’t have a car, or awesome Abercrombie clothes, and I don't flaunt my body at all.. All I have to say is if you’re going to be putting a name in your definition make your you use a name of some one who is not in your school who is defiantly the anomaly of your definition in the first place.
The avarage sat score of the school is a 1490 and we have more girls that boys.
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Gosh I love these stereotypes. Especially because only 2% of us fall into them. I for one do not so don't throw me into to your lame ass category. I have never smoked drank or had sex(oral vaginal or anal) and I am damn proud of it. I get good grades and cover up when I leave the house in the morning. My family isn't rich and not many people's family in the school district are. What we have we keep nice. I work for everything, including the car I am working to get myself... not my parents. Unionville girls are respectable. They strive to do their best and put what their parents gave them to work. I am sorry if I want to get good grades play at least 2 sports each year and be good at them and if I want a boyfriend and hang out with him I can. I know that the guy I choose will respect me. How many pregnant Unionville girls do you see walking around? Currently I see none.
Damn proud of who she is.
by The Real Truth January 17, 2005
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okay, all of you people saying that people that go to unionville are sluts and whores you are all just saying this because you dont go there! if you ever went there you would learn that not all the people that go here are like that!! i go to unionville n i love it here!! It is the best ever! and to get one thing straight i am not rich. Not everyone is rich. Ofcourse there are some peopel that fit those exact definitions but thats only a few people and no one even likes them!! Unionville is a great school with wonderful girls. they are smart and some are very athletic. Unionville girls are very kind and caring once you get to know them. So stop stereotyping them as sluts and stuff because you probably havent even met any of them!
no example is necesary.
by a unionville girl April 17, 2005
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aka my parents r rich not me. sluts wear thongs, not unionville girls. kennett S.D. is for wanna be's and fags. and obviously "u dont kno what its lik" cause ur parents work $6.25 and hour at McDonalds. Bsides, not evrybody is rich or weird fags, some are weird fags and most are rich.
u go to unionville when...

ur parents want a better life for u than fulltime at mcdonalds...
by soccrboy5122 January 18, 2005
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