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Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend is a crunkcore/scene band that consists of members Jon Jumper on vocals and production, Scarlet Skyie on vocals, and Josh Perczuk on screams. The band was formed in late 2015 with Jon Jumper being the original/only member until Scarlet Skyie and Josh Perczuk joined in April of 2016. The band originally went by the name "Murder At the Dance Club" throughout 2014-2015 until Jon changed the name to "Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend" due to a few incidents involving the police. The members have also been involved in side-projects such as a joke band Jon and Scarlet formed with Kai Cyru$ and R. Tragedy by the name of "Rawr XD" and have done a bit of solo work as well.
Did you listen to that Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend song? They sound a bit like Blood On the Dance Floor, Millionaires, brokeNCYDE, and Dot Dot Curve.
by DokuHantā May 31, 2016
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A gay crunkcore band who

nobody listens to unless they either want to laugh or want attention. The only band member doesn't look completely like a fucktard is probably Jon who just looks like a generic emo kid other than that they all look pretty frikin retarded hey at least they don't look like Black Veil Brides but seriously I listened to them once and my bleach ran away, my wife left me, I got terminal ear cancer, my computer killed itself halfway into Problem, the bank took my house for having a horrible taste in music and now all my cells turned into cancer cells and all my melanin left my skin because I could not live with this kind of music anymore and so I'm transparent now, and since all my brain cells are gone Igh forgt gow teo spel:
If you listen to Black Veil Brides or unicorns killed my girlfriend you can automatically turn in your scene card or emo card exchange it for a retard card.
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