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1. (noun) When your underwear are worn around your waist as if wearing a belt. Most commonly warn under ones shirt, there's often a trend in the hipster crowd to wear over ones clothing to shame another. Can be a result of putting them on wrong in a hurry, being too drunk to put them on correctly or having the crotch ripped by another individual. Regardless of the reason, it's most often accomplished in a taxi cab on your was to fuck.

Jordan: Wow Justin, what a lovely underwear belt you're wearing.
Justin: Thank! I picked it up on Alvarado St, over the weekend.

2. (verb) The act of partying so hard that you were labeled as the one who wore the underwear belt.

Jeremiah: Hey Justin, what did you do this weekend?
Justin: The boys and I went out and got fucked up.

Jeremiah: Ahh shit, I bet your ass wore the underwear belt didn't you?
Justin: No sir, I was the uBer driver. Big Ed on the other hand wore the shit out of the underwear belt.

The exact location of the first underwear belt sighting is not yet known, however, it's believed to have originated in Monterey, Calif. circa 2016 on a brisk spring night during a full moon. Coincidently the use of describing ones inebriated actions as wearing the "underwear belt" or being the "underwear belt" wearer happened close to if not exactly in the same place within a fortnight of the conceived "underwear belt".
I can't believe Big Ed let that bitch give him the ole underwear belt this weekend. I hope he at least played with those aunt jemima tits and gave here the frosty jim in the 1 and 2.
by JerryWanKenobi May 13, 2016
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