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A street gang who wears a skull bandana. The groups most often listen to Rock symbolizing that rockers keep it real too.
Dude, Undead Empire is comming, lets run!
by Ricky Guzman November 10, 2006
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Gay bunch of kids who follow the gay pop band who thinks they are harecore who are really not... where was I? Ohh yeah. Bunch of queers...
You're one of those "Undead Empire" fags, aren't you?

Definition Thought Up At the United States Scientific Univetsity of National Geothermal Activity at, P.O. BOX 32 Suite 6, Koslousky Rd., Provience-2, Antartica, 00001-1035

Yes... Your tax dollars are in good use.
by Elixer May 15, 2006
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