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An elderly, yet sexy man who lures children to his large, white van during a (preferred) Sunday afternoon. He then proceeds to read innocent material to his victim right before (usually) scarring the childrens' lives with forced assault. His victims will usually never remain the same afterward. Some victims come back, and others.. well they never do. This potential experience is called the "Reading Buddies" experience. CAUTION: If you are a Reading Buddies survivor and would like to seek help, please call the following number: 1-800-273-8255
"Hey, did u hear Jeff was a Reading Buddies survivor." said Mahdin.
Pattel answered, " Yeah boy, he survived Uncle Sreejy . How is that even possible?!"
Ricky chimed in, " I dunno but iz lit up in these Brampton woods!
by Uncle Sreejy August 29, 2017
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