‘Una’ is a word that originated from the Nyoongar tribe in Western Australia, around the 1980’s.
It is used to project ones agreement or positive response to the discussion topic at the time.
Can also be used as a term of endearment.
Chris mate we’re gonna need these stubbies on ice for tomorrow.

Yeah una, it will be done.
by dbldippin October 02, 2019
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an other word for emo, alien and/or built like a horse
person 1: you look una
person 2: nooooo
by coke😈 December 19, 2021
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Una is the most annoying girl with a big ass forehead. She always talks shit behing your back and sometimes even not behind it...
Is that Una?
Yes she is annoying i don't want her here.
by Crncuga 3000 December 09, 2021
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Una some scumbag that is mean to her nicest friend. She is really mean to everyone and is fake. People find her unpleasant to be around and she insults people.
Person 1: Is her name Una.
Person 2: Yes.
Person 3: Whore.
by Lizzo-123 May 24, 2020
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Una Mae is a very creative, beautiful girl.
They often think they are ugly but most of the time they are confident. They can have a little temper sometimes , but they get along with a lot of people . She’s most likely the teachers pet by her cuteness!!!
Una Mae is so cute .
by that girl Ella May 31, 2020
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