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These are Ukrainian girls that are as slutty as they can get—believe me, you’ve seen worse whores. They don’t dress in those miniskirts (barely above the knees is as mini as they get), those shirts that expose everything (the most I’ve seen was a sleeveless shirt that exposed her bellybutton), and usually don’t stick to pink (this refers to most of the population). However, these whores have the advantage. They aren’t as easy to place as Russian whores and they do everything much more sneaky. You never know where these sharks are.
For Ukrainian whores, it’s all about style and playing by the rules. They drag you down slowly, which hurts more in the end. And ‘style’ refers to the fact that their behaviour follows a pattern. (See STRATEGIES below for an example.
They use a different strategy than Russian whores or traditional whores do. They start a propaganda and spread rumors against you and make sure that everyone hates you before they ‘dump’ you, so to speak (that refers to figurative language, meaning that statistically, more often than not, they leave you with nothing—no friends, no motives, no reputation, and absolutely no desire to go on). That way, you can’t point at them and it wasn’t their fault. After all, if EVERYONE hates you, then YOU must have done something wrong.

STRATEGIES: these vary greatly. The general picture is that they first turn everyone else against you before striking hard. And they do in such a private way that there is no way that you can drag them to hell with you.

**Note: Not all Ukrainian girls are whores. If she’s a sneaky little Ukrainian bitch that just destroyed your classmate, then watch out.

ie. “That Ukrainian whore just told me that I’m bitchy and that’s why everyone hates me…but no one hates me!”

ie. “I love that Ukrainian whore’s shoes….they look an awful lot like the girl’s next door….CALL THE PARAMEDICS!!!”

ie. “When that Ukrainian whore found out that I put sugar and water in her mosquito repellent, she told my boyfriend that I cheated on him. That filthy liar.”
by Eliza January 19, 2005
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