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Coined by Brian "The Dark Lord" Chamberlain, AKA The DLC.

Originally it was used by the Dark Lord to complain about a ruling by the DM that caused him to say, not do nearly as much damage as he expected to in D&D.

Now it is more of a word generally used to question anything that seems illogical, out of place, ironic, or hypocritical.
Early Usage (Circa 2001-2003)

DLC: I cast LIGHTNING BOLT on the group of **name of monster we're fighting**!

*rolls a bunch of dice*
I do 32 Damage. Ahh...

Steve (DM): The lighting seems like it SHOULD have hurt them... but they don't appear hurt.

DLC: Uhh... Steve, **name of monsters** aren't immune to lightning spells... unless... oh CRAP! In PLAYER I know what we're fighting, but my character doesn't know! Dammit. *Arrogant look.*

Later example (2004-05)

Me: Max, a pound of feathers weighs less than a pound of bricks.

Max: Uhh, Steve... they're both a pound...
by Fuck You Script Kiddies! March 10, 2005
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