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The low end of the scale of attractiveness for Latina women. Those born in mid and lower sections of Mexico consisting of Puebla, Oaxaca, Tepito in Mexico City, Michocan and any mainly indigenous regions of Mexico. This includes Central American regions such as El Salvador and South American regions such as Peru.
The Main reason women born in these regions and or having ancestry from these regions are unnactractive is that the racial mix favored the darker or more indigenous side of the gene pool, therefore the mix was unsuccessful by producing ugly offspring. The better racially balanced meztizo people of nortern Mexico are an example of a more favorable gene pool. The physical characteristics found in Ugly Latinas is a flattened skull, overgrown nose or flat and widened nose, black straight hair, and short stature. Other characteristics may include a lack of glutteus fat tissue, and breast tissue, and little to no evidence of hip structure. Another noticeable characteristic is their lack of perception according to their own looks. They seem to depend mostly on their self esteem, by trying to make others feel that they are more attractive than they truely are.
"Carmen me dijo que era de puebla."
trans.: "Carmen told me that she is from Puebla (Mexico)."

"Te creo porque tiene el nopal bien pintado, es una fea Latina."
trans.: "Yes I think so, she is an Ugly Latina."

Letty la fea (Letty the ugly) from "La Fea mas Bella", a popular Mexican soap opera, was written up as being from Puebla, Mexico. Even the famous people of Mexico recognize the unnatractiveness of Poblano People
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish January 13, 2012
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