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A incomprehensible understanding of two individuals entering into a relationship with aesthetics that are unpleasing to oneself.
Girl: I don't understand how they look like that and are in a relationship, yet Im still single.

Friend: UGLY LOVE.
by JM721 July 10, 2013
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When two unattractive, weird, awkward, fat, etc. people are in a releationship of anykind.
Jessy: Ew look at monica and james kissing by room 201..
John: Daammmnn..thats some ugly love!
by JPRODUCTION October 14, 2008
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(n). - When someone is attracted to a person, that isn't typically found attractive, because that said someone feels like they don't deserve better.
Person 1: I'm really into John. I know he isn't that good looking though.
Person 2: That's ugly love.
by uglylove March 04, 2012
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