A once great nation founded on the ideas of liberty and freedom, has now had its reputation tarnished by becoming an almost opposite of what it was founded to be.

Politics is very corrupt and most politicians are influenced by the oligarchy of the military industrial complex or the oil industry.

America was supposed to have a small government that was "for the people by the people" but it is becoming increasingly authoritarian and working for the best interests of rich instead of the majority.

America is a secular country, but "In God we trust" is written on the currency and Christianity dominates politics.
"The USA, land of the free! As long as your a white, male, Christian, hetrosexual"
by Kensai 117 October 04, 2011
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A country whose main moral justification for existing is its geopolitical policies during the second world war which have somehow subsequently been portrayed as a humanitarian intervention rather than a political long-term strategy for survival.
European citizen: "The USA consistently invades sovereign nations, supports and empowers dictators, sells weapons and advanced technology to rough nations, kidnaps and tortures other nations' citizens, etc. This has got to stop. You're destroying the very democratic values upon which the Founding Fathers created you."

American citizen: "Well... you weren't this cocky when we helped you guys against the Nazis fifty years ago!"

European citizen: "Oh my fucking God, here we go again... your highly praised participation in the WW2 didn't come out of sheer solidarity, you ignorant fuck. I know you guys are short on history, but pick up a God damn history book. The only reason you participated in the WW2 is because you knew you were going to get dragged in at some point. Even your politicians knew that, however, it took a bloody massacre on your military forces before the American public realized it might be in their own interests to fight a growing fascist superpower. NOW STFU!"
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A decent country that has had it's interesting history and nice parks ruined by McDonald's and George W. Bush. Most Americans don't know the difference between Britain and England (I'm the only student in my school who does).
Not all Americans are fat, stupid, and ignorant, but most are.
The USA has an interesting History and nice parks, but our reputation is so bad no one else in the world really gives a fuck.
by starwarsgeek133 July 21, 2010
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The greatest country in the history of man. Helps World, World hates. But we don't care, because we can run your ass over the M1 Abram. First to be called in, last to walk out.
France: FUCK YOU AMERICA! *Germany Invades* HELP US AMERICA!
USA: Meh, ok
by Americantillidie April 20, 2011
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An awesome country that the rest of the world finds real dumb, especially the British who still think they own us but are really just making them selves fell good, (we are the reason the allies won both world wars!)

HAIL TO THE U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
British:We own every thing from Australia to the USA

American:shut up
by Raptor 55 May 31, 2010
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a nation with a lot of cultural spoils, including cars, guns, tv, games, food, etc... a country with an amazing constitution tha many other countries are jealous of (including the brits) and decide to talk shit about with no logical and statistical basis. yes, we may be the fatest country in the world, but we also usually win the most gold medals in the olympics. we won ww1 and ww2 and saved the world ass twice. we also have the best military by a long shot. we also have the biggest expansion of varying sports. and we also have the biggest fact to tell the rest of the world. we are better. its just that simple... the only reasoning a non american has against americans is our disfuctional government. true, but that why our government has limited powers, its to keep shit stable. alot of europeans like to dis us for our efforts in the war on teror when they dont realize that their country most likely aided in this effort before pussying out of the conflict. if you think your country is better, shout me out my email at harbinger1911@yahoo.com

but until then FUCK YOU!!! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!
by unclesam man January 28, 2011
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The country that is used by the rest of the world as a punching bag. Got a problem? Blame the USA. mostly ripped on by Brits who have nothing better to do and cant admit problems within their own country, Basing all united states citizens off of George bush. While it has the second best economy in the world and the greatest military since the roman empire, these things are overlooked for stereotypes. Contrary to popular belief, it is an amazing country to live in and I personally wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Fuck this weather has been terrible !

Yea I know, those bloody yanks fucked us over again.


Troll: All americans are fat, ignorant and war-hungry!
Fuck the USA!

Logical person: Umm, have you ever been there?

Troll: Well.. No.. But the BBC told me so it must be true, right?
by Guesswhatimamerican October 18, 2011
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