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A website used to torture students before they get even more tortured with a final exam.
Teacher: Class your final exam is tomorrow. That means you have 16 assignments to do tonight on USA Test Prep.
John: But I don't have a computer
Teacher: I don't care John, if it'd not done tomorrow then you will get 16 Test Grades put in as 0's.
(John went to Bob's house to do the test prep)
(Day of exam)
Teacher: John, How come you did only 16 of the assignments that I assigned? And how the heck did you get the stuff done when you have no computer at home?
John: I did it at Bob's house. And I stayed up to 2:00 last night and was sure that there were 16.
Teacher: But you forgot to do number 17
John: But there is no 17, only 16
(Teacher pulls up USA Test Prep): John look, there's 17
John: but that 17th assignment was assigned at 2:01 last night! I was alseep
Teacher: Why do you sleep. Sleep isn't even important, especially for an exam.
John: But some people don't drink 5 gallons of coffee every morning.
Teacher: Well forget you, we're starting our final exam right now. And because you forgot to do that 1 assignment, I'm going to give you a 0 for the whole class John. In fact, I won't even give you the final exam! HAHAHAHHAHA
by Mudkipz are da best June 10, 2018
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A Program Designed to Torture Students before a Massive Test that is likely to be also assigned on there.
Teacher(AKA the Devil): You got 69 Assignments on USA Test Prep Due Tomorrow and i expect them all to be done.
Sean: fuck me...
by GameShibe October 03, 2018
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