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A person who

1) lives outside the United States

2) surround their lives around standardized tests (SAT, SAT II, ACT)

3) try everything to get into a college (usually Ivy League), and does the actions at the expense of other people's well-being

4) retake 2300/2400 SAT scores

5) talk non-stop about AP exams during recess, lunch-time, after school, sports practices (many don't do sports), family dinner, shower, & part of their daily prayers before they go to bed

6) attend multiple private tutoring centres and boast about the greatness of his/her tutor

7) worships the phrase "___, what is your overall average GPA?"

8) does every bit of available volunteer activity, thinking that it will boost their university applications

9) wastes thousands of dollars on university visits and end up getting rejected from most of them
person 1: FAIL! I got 2300. RETAKE
person 2: shut up you US College Whore

person 1: I did 15 APs. I got 14 5s and 1 4. Am I fucked for Harvard?
Person 2: US College whores...f*ck you
by thegreatwhitenorth July 09, 2009
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