unidentified fingering object
ashlyn was confused when she felt a UFO in her vagina
by im vegan December 13, 2016
a big ufo that floats around the world. People are scared.
Moili "Hey Roina did you see that Ufo?"
Roina "It must be Dan The UFO"
by Cray cray ray fish May 15, 2018
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Regularly Suck I .Of theee u f … , of the OOOo. Duuytybbnmm doffy fodddhello hello regular ufo’s
This knee charmer is often found in unique individuals with ties to super rich secret submarine service. Although known in military jargon as “foreign objects“, emergency surgery usually unearths armament shrapnel and pieces of snooze buttons from top quality alarm clocks. Still as mysterious as jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, this enigma of a titillating experience is easily summarized as suspenseful supreme “pop” sensation and not for the feeble mortal, a UFO Alarm Clock is like kryptonite to Superman. If you ever run into someone who has experienced the rare UFO alarm clock, feel free to gift them only the best sour beers for a speedy recovery!
“Hey John, I heard about that UFO Alarm Clock”, you good bro?”

“Yeah man, nothing a good Sour Brew can’t fix”
by TorsiondrummerE July 29, 2020
Someone who has had “the veil” pulled away from their eyes. Their reality is no longer based on non fiction…topics. Reality has been turned upside down by alien phenomena or paranormal events…
As a “UFO experiencer” these past few years… I can’t say my life will ever be the same…
by Orb Guy November 12, 2022