Another gogo band in the DC metro area.They from uptown like BYB and TCB.
paul-You comin to the gogo? UCB and Raw Image playin there tonite.
me-Where at?
paul-mad chef.
me-Mad chef is like a fuckin closet.Im goin to club levels.BYB and Fatal Attraction is there.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit January 07, 2005
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Upright Citizens Brigade, 1. Alternative Comedy theatre in New York. 2. A short lived but much loved calbe television series.
I'm going to drink some cheap beer and laugh my ass off at UCB.
by UCBrat January 12, 2004
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UCB stands for Unintentional Cock Block, when a friend prevents you from kissing, fooling around or otherwise talking to a member of the other sex by accident.
Most commonly ringing you when you are with a girl.
Did you get with Claire last night ?
No man, Matt rang me with a UCB ! His cat died
by superflanker August 11, 2009
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an acronym for "under cover bitch" used to describe someone who acts nice in front of you, but is a bitch behind your back.
"Did you hear what ______ said"
"Yeah, shes such a UCB"
by polaus2 December 09, 2009
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UCB's = abbreviation for Uncooked Chocolate Bars.

The most amazing of amazing chocolateybiscuitness made by Tubs using her own secret recipe. (by secret we mean one that you could probably get anywhere but she has the magic touch)
"oh my god Tubs those UCB's you made are yummy"
by Becky Lord April 12, 2008
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This Union of Cunts and Bitches is usually a group of girls who talk shit about everyone including each other. These girls will befriend other women just to involve themselves in their drama. Once they hear negative things about these women they befriended, they will return to their main group of friends and talk shit about the girl she just heard things about. These women in the UCB will often be two-faced. NEVER be affiliated with these girls because they will end up talking shit about you. These girls are pussies. When the person they've talked shit about confronts them, they will cower in fear unless they outnumber the person confronting them. The UCB girls feel like its their god given right to be in other girls' business. If you know girls like this. . .AVOID THE SHIT OUT OF THEM.
by General CHzy February 19, 2011
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