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Sara: omg peggy is such a UAB
Jennifer: ikr even her name is ugly
by Faceless Alison July 28, 2016
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Under Age Booty. This term arrives from one of Maryland's elite overseers of the young. Coined in 2007, the use of this term has been passed around in a tight circle (no pun intended) of friends and acquaintances. Whenever one sees a UAB, one must at least acknowledge the presence of said child. The official saying of UAB fans is: The younger, the better.

The best place to find the U-est UABs is the hospitals when they are born. However, access is not always available so it is suggested to go to child's places such as Chuck E Cheese or Pump It Up. Although public demonstrations of UAB love is frowned upon, a UAB-ist should show it proudly and high-five, hug, kiss, then have intercourse with the finest and U-est UAB they can find.

This definition has indeed been written by the originator: ShiningSeoul.
Bob: Hey you see that UAB over there?
Todd: Yeah?
Bob: So tight.
Todd: YO WHAT THE F---

Johnny: Do you know who's cute?
Ralph: Your brother.
Johnny: ...why?
Ralph: Cause he UAB.
Johnny: Dawg, you is gay.
by ShiningSeoul August 29, 2008
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Dude 1: Wow that cheerleader is one UAB
Dude 2: Dude, i know but atleast she has some bitchin nipplage
Dude 1: Tru Dat
by Sir Sex a Lot March 06, 2007
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Ugly ass bitch
Someone who is really fucking ugly but doesn't know it
Person 1: Sarah is such a UAB
Person 2: I know right but I don't know how she doesn't know it
by Ayee_bitch July 26, 2016
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