also HF Twitter, hft, hftw, hf twt, etc.

A twitter subculture that centers around fashion and style. Within it, people also have varied interests such as couture, deconstructionism, and anti-fashion.
High Fashion Twitter isn't only Westwood and Versace.
by sewagewater June 8, 2021
Twitter Tourettes or (Twitter Thumbing) is the urges for over-using of AAVE, popular slang and hand movements that it becomes a "personality" one picked up from Tiktok and especially Twitter- Those phrases that are texted, they tend to act it out in real life and it seems forced.
Girl 1: OMG YES QUEEN, PERIODT POOH *does Debby Ryan hair behind ear movement 9 times* chileee! *points*

Girl 2: ...Girl are you okay?

Girl 1: No and what about it???? *does the face*

Girl 2: oh, You must have Twitter Tourettes, my bad.
by Up shut March 11, 2021
A person who uses "@"'s outside of Twitter to refer to any person on social media, who can't come up with a reasonable and clever insult besides "🤡 bozo", and someone who dunks on GT's for no reason besides how their mommy helped them assemble their new funtime center desktop.
Person 1: urmad+didntask+noonecares+urdaddied+ratio
Person 2: What a Twitter Turd.
Someone who waits for any tweet, for the sole purpose of replying to that tweet regardless of the content of who said it.
Mike: I blocked Daniel on twitter

Joe: Why?

Mike: He's a twitter sitter!

Joe: Oh, my friend replies to just about every tweet too!
by blaine.alan April 28, 2009