Twilight Fangirls (TFs) are typically young, fanatical female fans of the Twilight series of books/films & may be identified by their Hot Topic Twilight tees. TFs travel in small organized groups, or at Twilight-sanctioned events, in larger unorganized packs. Ear protection is a must for bystanders when more than 10 TFs have gathered. TFs should be approached with caution by non-Twilight fans, and safety guidelines should be followed. NEVER state aloud that you are not a Twilight fan, have never read the book(s), or find 'Breaking Dawn' unrealistic in any way. If threatened, back away slowly & repeat calmly "I read the Isle Esmee chapter 27 times!". TFs' greatest wish is to stalk the set of any Twilight film, or - SQUEE!!! - to meet Robert Pattinson.
Twilight Fangirl #1 "OMG, did you hear Rpattz is on the set in Vancouver?"
Twilight Fangirl #2 "I KNOW! Let's go camp outside his hotel (or the hotel we THINK he's at) for 3 weeks!"
TF #1 & TF #2 "SQUEEEE!!!"
by bikechick August 14, 2009
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