To put dem hands on da wall ...
Then arch your back at a 45-50 degree angle ..
Then shake Dat ass
Put them hands on the wall and twerk that booty till the sun starts rising
by Sage Guarino March 26, 2018
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artist name of shawn hatfield who originally began using this word in 1990, long before it became a word for "shaking your ass" or "good in bed". It was also his graffiti name and was originally concieved by his friend Kolage
Twerk has released records for Mille-Plateaux and Force-Inc. Records - Germany
by Shawn Hatfield August 12, 2003
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Twerk (transitive verb) /tuh-wษ™rk/. Latin

A series of movements made by females of the humanoid variety as an expression of contempt for their fathers.
We were at the club last night, and I got great footage of Josephine dancin' on that twerk tip.
by Johnny Misogynist December 30, 2012
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Hip hop dance move for female, shaking, jerking and twitching her buttocks in a sexually provocative manner. A conjunction of twitch and jerk, or twerk.
That girl can sure twerk her butt. Major backfield motion!
by JiveClive July 13, 2011
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A Russian soup

I'm Russia a group of elderly men and women sit around a broken refrigerator. They all have a nice cup of warm twerk. The first one to finish gets another cup of twerk and the cycle keeps going on until the pot of twerk is gone. The person who gets the last bowl of twerk gets to use the bathroom first. This ritual is repeated every 2nd Sunday.
Wanna go and get a nice cup of twerk?
Okay do you have the broken refrigerator?
by Nodnarb alyak December 29, 2012
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A disgrace to humanity which is a dance consisting on shaking your ass to evaluate the level of your slutiness.
Sarah twerk on Vine. She's a whore.
by Kamereon October 22, 2014
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