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In the middle of making tender love to a diabetic girl, your blood sugar levels start to spike. She, in a fit of passion, injects her insulin shot into your dick. You scream but realize that it feels good, so you ask for more. You're swollen with insulin, which reincorporates into your bloodstream and causes a coma. While in the coma the diabetic girl tap dances on your chest, which expels all the extra gas in your colon, the "tooter". After long enough the last meal you ate will be expelled as feces - all natural - and she collects in a pair of red cowboy boots, which she places on your feet. Then you wake up from the coma and realize the diabetic girl was your sister. You scream and shot but she just seems pleased with herself, and after you take off the red cowboy boots in disgust, she licks your feet clean. It feels good, but you're confused.
"Hey Dave! How'd it go with the girl from the bar last night?"

"Not so good, Brian. She Tuscaloosa Tooter Booted me."

"Damn, we both must have been drunk. That was Shelly?"

"'Fraid so."
by Dave TTB August 05, 2013
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