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Mkay, so basically, Turner Fenton Secondary School (TFSS) is like the hugest school ever in the Peel District School Board. It's famous for its IB program, CultureFest and TrojanFest.

Apparently, graduates are known to attend those reputable colleges/universities. (like McGill and whatever)

It is populated by a LOT of brown kids (no wonder the cafs sell curry so often!), and the occasional white and black wannabe gangstas. Oh yeah, and those random asian kids too.

The computers suck ****. Don't even get me started about that dinky little library that's always crowded (the first school ever where kids actually READ!!!!)
"Turner Fenton Secondary School operates under the Peel District School Board, and is credited as one of the highest funded schools in Ontario, with an endowment of $1.4 million." - Wikipedia (that's for all the kids who say that TFSS is poor)
by aeranala December 17, 2011
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