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A group sex configuration where by multiple people are seated on each other's lap, in a stacked manner.
Example: Mary was seated on Paul's knee, Sally was seated on Mary's knee, and Joe was seated on Sally's knee.
Ian Fleming described this as a Turkish Sandwich when describing a particularly close knit group at a managerial board meeting where secretaries were seated on their bosses's knee.
by Jimmy Bondo April 02, 2013
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It's where you're banging a girl, whilst she's sucking your grandfather off, meanwhile it's all being recorded by your father. The coup de gras of the Turkish Sandwich however is that your mother is in the kitchen making Belgian waffles. Yum!
Wouk gave Anj the Turkish Sandwich, than enjoyed some tasty waffles afterwards.
by Pew@Staghelm September 08, 2009
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