A skin infection causing small itchy bullet hole shaped spots to appear on the skin due to lack of the dearly deoarted rapper/artist Tupac.

P.s Tupacs is also the only cure for the illness mozziated. (Caused by too many Mozzy songs on repeat).
The doctor said my tupacs should be cured after listening to "dear mama".
by Ju1105 October 09, 2017
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Look We All Dont Know Tupac Yet Everyone Thinks They Do, The Guy Never Did Gansta Rap So Stop Saying He Did, He Was Not HipHop, 50 Cent Is HipHop, Tupac Is Not He Was Just Rap He Operated On A Poetic Structure (Gansta Rap and HipHop Was Not Him). The Guy Was A Genius And I Glad He Used His Name Tupac Insted Of His Real Government Name Lesane Parish Crooks Or His Other Alias MC New York. He May Of Faked His Death May Not, A Lot Points To Him Being Alive, But Dont Forget Tupac Was Owed 9Million Dollers By Death Row Hense Why He Was Leaving And The Album Where Tupac Is Hang On Cross Like Jesus Was Made By Death Row, Maybe To Fool You all Into Thinking He Really Alive. And If He Is Alive Would Tupac Really Kill His Half Brother Yafeu "Kadafi" Fula Because He Said He Can Point Out The Gunmen That Night Tupac Was Shoot, I Dont Think So, Suge Knight Is A Cunt, He Paid Someone To Go After Dre FFS, Plus Suge Tried To Sign 50 Cent Away From Eminem At The Video Shoot Of UP In Da Club.
Just Read What I wrote
by WhyTheFuckDoYouNeedToKnowMyName February 24, 2005
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verb "to tupac"

For an artist, usually musician, to amass a wealth of unreleased material that is mined after the artist's death, creating the impression that the artist is still alive.

Alternates: "biggie"

Antonyms: "
Man, I sure hope Michael Jackson tupac'd a few album's worth, otherwise his kids will be broke as fuck.
by karobit June 28, 2009
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Let's say it mathematically:

Tupac = not dead

It was all a farce. Staged. No one can put out so many albums postmortem. Some disturbed Hollywood producer thought it up after Shakur couldn't take the fame. An actor fired a blank, a blood "pac" was burst, and Tu fell to the ground. Now after all these years he's put on some weight and he lives in Cuba -- where Americans are banned -- and I bet he's on a beach now sipping a crantini.
Tupac's farsical death is up there with Watergate and Lewinsky.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005
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Was or still is a sexy ass rapper ummm
Tupac looked good with his bald headed ass!!
by WhoRU June 11, 2004
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A talented rapper, but a few words I have to say:
Dead Men Don't Rap.
tupac shakur IS very talented (was is for dead people)
by fzck November 14, 2003
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the best rapper eva any1 who disagreez i'll bomb on yo ass but seriosly he was the martin luther of his time an real OG unlike:DRE,JAY-Z,LIL WAYNE e.c.t fuk em all thug life mofuka
lil kid: who was tupac
me: the godfather of rap
lil kid: really?
me: yeah thug life mofuka
by DA ORIGINAL MAFA June 22, 2010
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