A Great Late actor/rapper shot dead in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting, releasing many albums posthumously, his suspicious tragic death is of great concern and nearly ten years later the homicide has remained unsolved.
RIP Tupac Shakur 1971-1996
by Predeckis May 26, 2006
the biggest rapper-song-writer
the translation of 'Tupac Shakur' is: "Shining Serpant thankful to God"

by pac eddy September 9, 2003
A soldier,died in the year 1996 and selling the greatest record of all time "All Eyez on Me".Tupac was brought up hard living in the most bizarre places the ghetto took him to.He is a legend and has a place in the heart of real Made Miggaz who go through what Tupac went through.Street musik that is going to be remebered until the end of poverty and pain.
Tupac is a real made nigga not like Eminem,50 cent,Nas,P.Diddy and all the other niggaz i left out

RIP Makaveli
by Anonymous Chronic Smokah January 1, 2004
Man pac would kick anus/wackermath's ass if he were alive today/
by Afi K. James July 10, 2003
he didnt rap. he was a poet. he did poetry wit a beat. he was tha greatest. even ppl who dun even like "rap" listendta tupac. he talkd about tha important stuff in life. he had many sides to him. he would sing bout teenage pregnancies; moms; women; revenge to gettin around. he must be tha best if people cling to tha posibilty that hes alive nd comin bak one day. ther r too many words to describe him. <3
so i proceed to make Gs; eternally on mah mission;
to b more than a rap musician;
the elevation of todays generation; if i could make `em listen

i hear brendas got a baby; butt brendas barely gotta brain;
a damn shame; tha gurl can hardly spell her name;
"thass not our problem thass upta brendas family";
well lemme show u how it affects tha whole community!


cuz i bet brenda doesnt even kno;
juss cuz ur in tha ghetto doesnt mean u cant grow;
butt oh; thass a thought; mah own revalation;
do wateva it takes to resist tha temptation;

One of the biggest legends to ever be on this world. He told his story and shared it with everyone, he recgonised his mistakes and wasnt afraid to learn from them. he was a true thug. But that didnt stop him from sucseeding he did what he needed to do. One of the best rappest alive. rest in peace.
by hfasfudf :) June 3, 2010