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Most boring place in California. All the people here do for fun is fuck with people in Wal Mart. Every one here has atleast smoked pot. Over 3/4 the population of old people are crazy crack-heads and meth-monkeys. Sadly, a 53 year old crack-head can get a job before a 15 year old honors student. Oddly enough, the kids who aren't druggies are the ones being made fun of, because they're outcasts. Because I've lived here nearly all my life, I know who everyone is around here. In total, I have only met maybe 20 people out of 10,000 or so who haven't done drugs. Everyone's dad is an alcohalic. We have way too many rapists living here, and just a little while ago, there was a dead guy found in a dumpster. Stay away from Tuolumne County. It's boring, and full of crazy people. The one good side to this place is the beautiful countyside and lakes and every other place without people.
"Hey I'm heading up to Tuolumne County, CA to start anew"
Response: "Good luck with that, try not to turn into a crazy drugged up lunatic like everyone else"
by brethetaco24 July 27, 2011
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