when a girl freezes her tung or has cold item of food
(ex ice cream)and puts mouth on penis.
my girl ice tunged me, it was cruel and unusual puishment.
by wellerguy December 03, 2007
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In theory, Hoang Tung is a term used to describe people who likes to eat, likes to joke around, likes to do pranks and just plain lazy.

In litterature, it is a term used to describe an almost fat guy that's always carrying food on him.

Normally used to insult others.
I saw a Hoang Tung at the cafe.
by Phatman Snake March 25, 2005
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Poo Tung Clunch is how you say "Wu Tang Clang" in the Philippines.
Filipino Guy: I wanna gets a Poo Tung Clunch tattoo mons.

White Guy: Nice! You might want to make sure you get that thing spelled properly eh buddy?
by wvdrtnsf August 19, 2009
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