When you playfully lick your partners sphincter and they clinch down on your tongue to play Tug O War.
"Why does that chick sound like Jar Jar Binks?" "Oh she played Tug O War with me last night."
by FunkyTown October 10, 2019
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Commonly used to describe a child's game, in modern time it describes two men using ether super glue or epoxy to ad-hear their genitalia together. Once their stuck to together they then proceed to pull in opposite directions until something gives or someone gives up. In old days the Tug-o-war was used as a punishment for homosexuality but to day it is more of a "adult game".
I wonder who won the Tug-o-war, Peat Wence or Lady Gaga.
by exodus_to_anarchy August 3, 2010
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when two girls stick a string of anal beads in their assholes as far up as they can put it. they then then run as fast as they can in opposite directions.
those freaky chicks on the other side of the iron curtain love to give berlin tug-o-wars.
by El Presedente June 6, 2009
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When two males with large penises (typically of African origin) tie their penises together and pull until one penis is removed. The winner is whoever leaves with a floppy wang hanging from their own
Dick tug-o-war: Lebron: wassup my Nigga.Me and Jerome just had a huge 'dick tug-o-war' in case you are wondering why I have two dicks.
by ScamDong February 22, 2017
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Something that geeks and the Wapanese do when they watch anime or run Linux on their computer.
The faggot played a tug-o-war with the Cyclops after compiling the Linux kernel.
by yuck September 26, 2003
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When you connect two cucumbers using rope and shove them into two recipients ass holes. The two contestants run in opposite directions. The one to keep the cucumber in their assholes is the winner, the loser has to eat theirs. The loser is known as the pickler.
We tried the Garden Variety Tug-O-War at the office party, and the boss ate shit.
by Frank West August 28, 2006
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